All kids should live in a healthy, balanced world full of natural places for them to discover and explore. This blog will help establish a relationship between kids and nature.

The GUTZY STUFF (action at end of some posts) is designed to tap into children’s natural curiosity, and make parts of nature seem like a living, feeling thing that they interact with, explore and love. The activities will also help build confidence and self-esteem as kids discover new things about our natural world. Nature is a great role model!

Once kids love nature, they will instinctively want to protect it, building lifelong habits that promote sustainability and conservation of our planet.

Most of the activities will be simple things kids can do on their own or with a friend. Others will need your help and guidance, but I guarantee you will enjoy them. And, I plan to post activities for you, too–simple interactions with nature that will boost your own well-being.

I encourage you and your kids to follow along.

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