Make a bird circus in your backyard

Have you ever watched a goldfinch hang upside down to eat?


How about a flock of Bushtits on a suet feeder?


Or, a chickadee eat sunflower seeds?


These are all great bird acts and as much fun to watch as a 3-ring circus.  

  • A chickadee will grab a single sunflower seed from a feeder, fly to a fence or tree branch, clasp it between its toes and pound away until the shell is cracked. It takes a while, but this little bird will not give up.

  •  Tiny Bushtits take cute to a new level. They travel in flocks, covering a suet feeder within seconds, their tiny bodies becoming one big pile of disheveled fluff as they feast.

  • Not to be outdone, American Goldfinches, hang upside down to eat their favorite lunch of thistles.




GUTZY STUFF: Get an adult to help you create a 3-ring bird circus in your backyard. Hang a sunflower seed tube feeder about five feet off the ground. 


Before long, nuthatches, Pine Siskins, and a gang of chickadees will be perching in your trees and along your fence.  


Add a hopper feeder to attract larger birds such as Purple Finches, sparrows, grosbeaks and crossbills.  


When the birds hop on the feeder, it releases the seeds. Much of it ends on the ground, but this will attract ground feeders such as juncos, sparrows and towhees.  


It’s natural for goldfinches to perch and feed upside down, so you can enjoy their acrobatics with a thistle tube that is especially designed for small beaked finches. Beware though. They are social birds, traveling in large groups and swarming feeders—a fantastic sight. 


Who can resist the industrious manner of a woodpecker? To attract these, hang suet in a mesh bag or wire cage from a tree or pole.  


Suet is an energy-rich, high fat feed that is perfect for cold-weather feeding. Wrens, jays and warblers are fans of suet, as well. Before long your BIRD CIRCUS will be a hit with everyone.  


Check out these backyard bird feeding ideas and tips from Audubon.    


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