Is this walrus a bully?


Have you ever played King of the Mountain?  

It’s a game you play with friends where you bully your way to the top of a giant rock or dirt pile, pushing and shoving every other kid in your path as you try to reach the top and be KING OF THE MOUNTAIN.  



Walruses have their own version of King of the Mountain.   

When they haul their huge blubbery bodies out of the water to dry out and warm-up, they push, shove and grunt as they compete with each other for the best spot on land.  

And, sometimes they get really mean and use their 20-inch sharp ivory tusks to poke and prod other walruses out of their way.  

Why do you think a walrus might act like a bully?  Could it be for survival?  

Check out this article on the National Geographic website about the many ways walruses use their tusks to survive.  

How is that different from people who are bullies?    

What do you think of people who are bullies?  

Have you been teased or bullied?  

Do you think there should be a law against bullying?  

GUTZY STUFF: Ask you parent or teacher to read the article in about making a new anti-bullying law.  

Share your feelings about bullies.  

Tell them if you have been teased or bullied.  

Talk about what happens at your school or in your neighborhood when kids bully other kids.

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