3 green and gutsy things kids can do

GOING GREEN can mean lots of things these days.

It’s everything from making sure we have clean water to keeping stuff out of the landfills by recycling.

In a big way, it means doing things that will help our earth stay HEALTHY.

So, as you can imagine, there are thousands of  GREEN THINGS kids can do.

You can make a difference and feel good by trying these 3 easy activities.


  1. Up your allowance. Get your mom or dad to save energy by lowering your water heater to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Then ask for an increase in your allowance based on the utility bill savings.

  2. Become the light police. Make sure lights and appliances around your house are turned off when they are not being used.

  3. Give your Mom a green birthday present. Offer her an hour or two of your time to help in the garden. You could help her start a compost pile, spread organic mulch in the flowerbeds or help plant bird friendly shrubs. It will be the best birthday present ever.

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