For 40 years people around the world have been celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd. It’s a special day that reminds us to appreciate nature and learn how to protect the environment on our earth.  

A few Earth Day vocabulary words that are good to know….


Environment – natural surroundings of an organism, which includes everything living and nonliving that effects the organism.


Go Green – living your life by using the 3 Rs – Recyle, Reuse, Reduce


Recycle – to use again


Conservation – preserving  or protecting natural resources such as water and air


Endangered – in immediate danger of becoming extinct – animals and plants


A couple of facts…


Plastics take 500 years to breakdown


Aluminum cans take 500 years to breakdown


Organic material takes 6 months to breakdown (compost)


Cotton, rags and paper take 6 months to breakdown



GUTSY STUFF to do on Earth Day: 


Stash the trash, hug a tree, or feed the birds.


Take a hike, ride your bike, or plant a flower.


Find a sea star, scoop the poop, save a wolf.


Start a compost, kiss the earth, visit the zoo.


Find an owl, or walk to school.

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