The Mystery of the Creepy Guy Who Lives at the End of the Street

THERE IS A CREEPY MAN that lives at the end of Joe Thumperhouse’s street. Joe keeps his distance because he doesn’t trust him. The guy’s house needs paint and the grass is filled with knee-high weeds.


Today the creepy guy is standing out front and he motions to Joe. In fact, he is waving at him to come over. Joe wonders what to do. Slowly, Joe walks toward him, stopping a few feet away.


“Hey kid, do you want to earn some money. I’ve got a job for you that’s worth $100 bucks.”


Wow, I can buy a lot with a $100 bucks, Joe thinks. “What is it?” Joe asks.



“Let me show you,” the creepy guy says.



The hair stands up on the back Joe’s neck as he walks around to the back of the house with the man. As Joe follows, he sees that they are heading toward a huge garage at the back of the property. It looks as if it could hold about three cars. Joe cautiously follows him.



The creepy guy opens the door…it’s dark. Joe is freaked because he can hear something scurrying around inside. The man disappears inside while Joe waits outside. Pretty soon, a dim light comes on.



Joe cannot believe is eyes. He ventures inside slowly. “What do you want me to do?” Joe asks.



“ I want you to get rid of that,” the man says. “Wha-a-t?” Joes stammers, shocked. “I want you to get rid of that,” the man repeats sounding a little annoyed.



“How do I do that?” Joe asks.



“That’s your problem kid. Do you want the $100 bucks or not?” the man says.


to be continued….

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