EARTH DAY is a day that reminds us to LOVE and take care of our planet EARTH.  On EARTH DAY millions of people around the world help with projects that clean up and protect our earth. Try one of these three activities below on EARTH DAY or make up your own thing to do on earth day. Just remember it has to help  or honor the earth in some way.


  1. SCOOP THE POOP. Pet poo is not so good for our earth. It’s full of E. coli, which is a harmful bacterium that contaminates our water. When it rains, the water washes the poop off the land into our storm drains, which ultimately end up in our streams, lakes and oceans. Maybe you can even get your parents to pay you per scoop! It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it! And what better time than Earth Day. When you scoop it, but it in a plastic bag, tie it closed and toss it in the garbage. That is the best place for it!

  •  RUB IN NATURE. Here’s how to make a great piece of art for your bulletin board or bedroom wall on EARTH DAY. Find an interesting leaf or flower with lots of texture. (Ferns are especially great for this). Get a piece of light colored paper and a box of crayons.  Place the leaf or flower under the paper and RUB the paper gently with the side of a crayon. As you rub, you’ll start to see the shape and outline of the leaf or flower come through the paper. Before you know it, you’ll have an original piece of nature art created by YOU

  • ID A BIRD. Birds are probably some of the coolest non-human living things on this earth. I mean, imagine how boring nature would be without birds flying around. Their colorful feathers and sometimes zany calls make being outside WAY MORE interesting. If you know some of their names, it makes them even more fun to watch. Study these 3 pictures of common birds. See if you can find one in your backyard, neighborhood, or local park. If you see other kinds of birds remember their color and size. Then go to the National Geographic website and click on the What’s That Bird link to figure out what kind of birds you were seeing. What a great way to CELERATE EARTH DAY!  

    Singing Yellow Warbler




  • House Finch
    Black-capped Chickadee


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